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Kenya has introduced an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system, known as the Kenya eTA, to streamline the process of acquiring travel authorization for visitors from various countries. This online application method is designed to offer convenience and simplicity, making it easily ac

According to my last knowledge, Kenya introduced an eTA system in January 2024, Kenya does issue Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs) for entry.

To explore Kenya through the convenience of an eTA entry requirement, it is recommended to check the latest information from ETA to Kenya. We will provide the most up-to-date and accurate details on entry requirements, eTA policies, and any changes to the Kenya eTA Application Form process.

How we can apply Online for an eTA Kenya?

Getting the Kenya eTA online is a very simple process. You can get an eTA 3 days before your departure.

Kenya ETA Application Process:-

  • Initiate Application: Click on the"Apply ETA for Kenya"option and carefully follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the screen. 
  • Choose Application Type: Tailor your application by selecting the appropriate type, aligning with your specific travel needs.
  • Ensure Accuracy of Information: Thoroughly review and confirm the accuracy of all information entered during the application process. Precision is key to a successful submission.
  • Submit Application: Finalise the application process by submitting the required details, ensuring that all necessary information is provided for a comprehensive application.
  • Payment Confirmation: Expect payment of Kenya eTA Fees confirmation, and the final decision (approval or refusal). Regularly check your email for updates.
  • Approval Process: If your application receives approval, the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) will be issued. This essential document will be sent to you in PDF format.
  • Save, Print, or Utilise Mobile App: Upon approval, take action by saving the eTA on your device, printing a hard copy for your records, or utilising the "Travel Authorisation" mobile app for convenient and accessible storage during your travels.

Important Note:- If there are any errors or missing information, you will get a notice by email. Once these errors are corrected, your eTA goes for approval and you can get the eTA sent directly to your email.

Do I Need an eTA for Kenya?

Before you start the application process, you must determine whether you need an eTA to enter Kenya. eTA requirements vary depending on your nationality. Some countries have eTA exemptions, allowing their citizens to enter Kenya for short stays without a visa. 

Documents Requirement for an eTA?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is mandatory for all travellers, including infants and children. If you're planning a trip to Kenya and need an eTA, the requirements are given below:-

Valid Passport:- Ensure your passport has a minimum validity of six months and at least one blank page.

Passport-Type Photo:-Prepare a passport-type photo, and selfies are accepted.

Contact Information:- Provide accurate contact details, including your email address and phone number.

Travel Itinerary:- Have your detailed travel itinerary ready.

Accommodation Booking:- Confirm your accommodation arrangements and have booking details available.

Payment Method:- Prepare a valid payment method (credit/debit card, Apple Pay, etc.) for the Kenya eTA Fees.  you should be good to go! Happy travels in Kenya!

Processing Time an eTA for Kenya?

If you're planning a trip to Kenya the required time for processing your request. Our standard processing time is thoughtfully crafted to suit a wide range of requirements:-

Standard Service:- Expect a processing time of around three working days.

Premium Service:- Choose the premium service for quicker processing or additional.

Kenya eTA for Various purpose of visit:-

The Kenya ETA is provided to travellers regardless of their visit's purpose, although the required documents may slightly differ based on the nature of the visit. Here is a breakdown of the primary purposes for visiting Kenya, along with the corresponding documentation:-

Pleasure:- Documents relevant to leisure travel.

Tourism:- Documentation necessary for tourism purposes.

Friends & Family:- Required paperwork for visits to friends and family.

Getting Married:- Documents needed for individuals planning to marry.

Honeymoon:- Documentation for those embarking on a honeymoon.

East Africa Tourism:- Specific documents for tourism in East Africa.

Work:- Required paperwork for work-related visits.

Business:- Documents needed for business-related visits.

Conference:- Necessary paperwork for attending conferences.

Crew (Planes or Ships):- Documentation for crew members of planes or ships.

Seaman (Fishing Vessel):- Required documents for seamen on fishing vessels.

Others:- Miscellaneous documentation for other purposes.

Diplomat on Official Visit:- Documents for diplomats on official visits.

Religious Visit:- Necessary paperwork for religious visits.

Transit:- Documents required for transit through Kenya.

It's important for travellers to be aware that specific documentation requirements may vary, and they should ensure they possess the correct paperwork based on the purpose of their visit to Kenya.

Why should you Visit Kenya?

Kenya is a beautiful country in East Africa with a diverse geography, climate, and population. Some of the popular travel destinations in Kenya are:-

1- Mombasa: A coastal city known for its breathtaking natural attractions such as Diani Beach and Haller Park. It is also famous for Fort Jesus, Mamba Village Centre, and Mombasa Memorial Cathedral.

2- Nairobi: The capital city of Kenya and the largest city in the country. Nairobi is famous for the wildlife it houses and has a lot of zoos and parks where guests can see wildlife up close while also admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature. Some of the popular tourist attractions are Times Tower, Karura Forest, and Nairobi Gallery.

3- Masai Mara Game Reserve: A national park that teems with wildlife, with the most famous being the Big Five – lion, leopard, black rhino, elephant, and buffalo – and the Nilotic Maasai tribe with their distinct red traditional shuka (chequered cloth).

4- Lamu Island: A place for relaxing beach breaks. It is famous for its pristine beaches, coral reefs, and Swahili architecture.

5- Amboseli National Park: A place to see elephants up close. It is famous for its large herds of elephants and views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

6- Turkana: A place for rugged exploration. It is remote, inhospitable, and historically drought-stricken. Turkana looks like a vast empty area on a map of Kenya, but it’s a big draw for adventurers who thrive on challenges.

7- Kisumu: A place for birdwatching. It is famous for its birdlife, including the African fish eagle, the grey-crowned crane, and the marabou stork.

8- Matthews Range: A place for hiking. It is famous for its scenic beauty, including the Enkiyio Hills, the Ndoto Mountains, and the Matthews Range Forest Reserve.

9- Watamu: A place for marine life. It is famous for its coral gardens, dolphins, and sea turtles.

10-Fort Jesus: A historical monument located in Mombasa. It was built by the Portuguese in 1593 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kenya provides an unforgettable travel experience for adventurers of all types, given its diverse attractions and the ease of obtaining an eTA.

In conclusion, utilising the online application process for a Kenya eTA provides a convenient approach to getting ready for your adventure in this captivating country. Ensure diligent adherence to the application steps and meet entry requirements, setting the stage for a seamless exploration of Kenya's marvels.

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