Rocket League Season 12 Announced. New Rocket Pass, Modified Cars, Items and more.

Rocket League Season 12 Announced. New Rocket Pass, Modified Cars, Items and more.v

The new Rocket League's Rocket pass is here with new content and rewards for Rocket League Items players to earn.

Psyonix has released all the information on the new Rocket League season (12). A new main car is here to go alongside the hacker-themed rewards to match the new ‘soccar' arena. Neo Tokyo is an arena that has been in the game since mid-2017. This arena is iconic as it is set in a futuristic cityscape with advertisement billboards surrounding the arena alongside tall buildings and monorails.

The city has been hacked and taken over bringing all the bright lights and advertisements down. These notorious hackers are called ‘Hackervist Zero-Day' and have taken over the city's infrastructure without a known motive.

Neo Tokyo is not so Neo now the hackers have shut the city down.

Rocket League Season 12 Rocket Pass.
The Rocket Pass will feature a Porsche 911 Turbo as the face of this season. This car is Rocket League Credits an absolute classic in the automotive scene which has a very recognisable design that anyone would notice. This German car will have the Dominous hitbox which means it will be a long and flat car. This is the second most popular Hitbox in the game after the Octane. The premium version of the car is the Porsche 911 Turbo RLE which will feature a wide-body kit to give it a modified look. Both cars will be available in the Premium Rocket Pass which will cost 1000 credits.

Season 12 Rocket Pass Rewards.
All items that you unlock between these ranks will be featured in each image. This means all Cars, Boost, Wheels, Liveries, and toppers on display will be unlocked.

Rank 1-10.

After grinding through the ranks you will unlock all these new items that will brighten up your garage. Once you are passed level 70 the rewards do not stop there. You are still able to earn more rewards. These will be the same items but will vary in lots of different colour ways so you can unlock one that will suit your style.

Rocket League Season 12 Starter Packs.
Two new starter packs are a great way for new players to unlock a bundle of rewards out of the gate to give them a non-default look and expand their garage inventory.

The Rookie Pack contains the Purple Tygris car with a set of Black Finny wheels and other addons such as a new trail and banner.


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